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We will be undergoing an extensive refurbishment from the 18th of December 2015.


We are opening on 22 November 2017 with a newly updated facility and increased Mental Health service.

Please visit essendonprivate.com.au for regular updates. Please note that this is not a Crisis Admission Service - for anything of an urgent nature please contact your local CATT service.
For enquiries regarding the opening of Essendon Private Clinic later in November please call (M) 0412 160 492

Our Quality Management Program
Essendon Private Hospital ensures continual improvement in the quality of our processes, products and services by having a fully implemented ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.  This system is audited annually by an accredited third party certification body. 

The philosophy of the Quality Management System is to emphasise the reaction to process variance, stakeholder process ownership, the importance of measurement, the role of the customer and the involvement of employees at all levels in the organisation in pursuit of such improvements.

Our certification also ensures ongoing compliance with The National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (NSQHS)

Our Work Health and Safety Program
The safety of our employees whilst at work is of great importance.  We have developed a system of processes to ensure that risks posed by the workplace are appropriately managed and evaluated for effectiveness.  Staff education and training is an imperative role in the continual development of staff safety initiatives.
Our Hand Hygiene Program
Essendon Private hospital uses an evidence based approach which focuses on hand hygiene as a major factor in reducing Healthcare Associated Infections.

Through continual auditing and staff education programs we aim for excellence in hand hygiene practices.  We also encourage visitor participation through the provision of information and alcohol based handrub stations throughout the hospital

    Our Infection Prevention and Control Program
Patients, staff and visitors will be protected from the risk of transmission of infectious agents by ensuring infection prevention and control practices and reprocessing procedures are conducted at the highest possible standard and in accordance with documented policies and procedures.

Our Infection Prevention and Control Program is audited annually for compliance with associated Australian Standards and an ongoing education program for our staff exists.

How can you help us manage Safety and Quality?
You can participate in the management of Safety and Quality when staying at our hospital in the following ways;

  • Follow Hand hygiene and Cough Etiquette instructions,
  • Follow your nurses instructions post surgery,
  • Follow your nurses instructions regarding Falls associated risks,
  • Being transparent in the reporting of past medical conditions and illnesses affecting your immediate family at home,
  • Participating in the Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Safety and Quality Performance Data
We surveyed 81 of our patients in 2014 and asked “Would you return to Essendon Private Hospital if required?” 100% responded “yes”.

Preventing Harm from Falls: EPH Statistics show that during the first half of 2014 0% of inpatients fell requiring intervention beyond standard hospital protocol. (ACHS SH 2013 General Rate was at 0.06%)

Preventing Pressure Injuries: EPH has had no incidences of harm from pressure injuries in the past 12 months.

Hand Hygiene: EPH is currently 74% compliant based on our quarterly audits. (Hand Hygiene Australia benchmark is 70%)

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