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Televisions are provided to all patients in their rooms.


It is anticipated that patients will prefer to use their own mobile phone whilst an Inpatient and that they will be respectful and courteous in their use i.e. turning them off or to silent whilst in a group.


Mail is distributed daily to wards. Outgoing mail is posted daily.


Newspapers are available in the patient dining room.


For the comfort of the patients and visitors, patients and visitors are requested not to smoke in the hospital and only at the designated area.


Please ensure that you bring any toiletries you require with you.


Alcohol may interfere with medications and is therefore not permitted to be consumed during Inpatient stays. Outpatients will be requested to leave if they have a positive blood alcohol reading.

Justice of the Peace

Should you require the services of a Justice of the Peace, your Registered Nurse will make enquiries on your behalf. Clinic staff are not permitted to ‘witness’ documentation.