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At the Essendon Private Clinic, we take quality and safety seriously. 

Essendon Private Clinic operates under By-laws that support and facilitates a quality health service that delivers safe care. The By-laws:

  • Establish the principles applying to the accreditation and defining scope of practice of practitioners
  • Govern the relationship of Essendon Private Clinic with its accredited practitioners
  • Set out rules for the conduct of accredited practitioners at Essendon Private Clinic
  • Outline the obligations on accredited practitioners in relation to the safety and the quality of care of patients
  • Ensure that a clinical governance framework is in place to evaluate, monitor and improve the quality and safety of the health services provided
  • Set out the scope of practice for services the facility can safely support

To view a full copy of the current Essendon Private Clinic By-laws, please click here.